Excel V+ Laser can be used to effectively treat rosacea, diffuse redness, facial veins, leg veins, periorbital veins, angiomas, port wine stains, poikloderma, wrinkles, bruising, inflammatory acne, benign pigmented lesions, age spots, scars and acne scars.


Excel V+ treatments are usually well tolerated and are described as feeling similar to a warm rubber band snapping against the skin. Depending on the procedure a gel may be applied and a cooling plate may be in contact with the skin to provide improved results and additional comfort. Treatments can take as little as 5-10 minutes, or up to 45minutes, depending on the area treated. Immediately after treatment the area reddens and may feel like sunburn for 2-12 hours and some swelling of the vessels may be seen. If large areas or many vessels are being treated, significant swelling can occur. Rosacea redness will decrease after one week. Broken capillaries (spider veins) disappear or go darker, then fade in 1-2 weeks.

Treatment details

Some clients may require a single treatment, while others will require ongoing treatments to achieve the best possible results. Your clinician will discuss the expected number of treatments, along with expected results during your consultation. As a guide, we generally recommend 2-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

For most clients the results are permanent following Excel V+ Laser. However genetics, age and lifestyle choices can effect longevity of your results. 

Excel V+ Laser treatments are not suitable for dark skin types. Treatment is not suitable to have during pregnancy (fine while breastfeeding). Excel V+ is not suitable for those who have open wounds, infections, rosacea, psoriasis or dermatitis in the area to be treated.

Spot treatment $100 + $20 per extra spot (ie. 3 spots $140)

Small area (eg. Nose or chin) $159

Full Face $299

Neck $199

Décolletage $299

Face, Neck & Décolletage $599

Hands $199

Leg Veins (credit card size) $199

Clients who tan easily may require the use of a Tyrosinase Inhibiting serum for a minimum of 14 days pre-treatment and for the duration of the treatment. This is for the safety and effectiveness of treatment. This can be purchased in clinic.

Avoid unprotected sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to an Excel V+ Laser treatment.

The skin must be free from spray tan or tanning creams.

If treating an area covered in hair, the hair must be shaved 12-24hrs prior to coming for your treatment.

Excel V+ is a non-ablative laser meaning that it does not break the skin surface. Redness and/or swelling can be expected following treatment that will peak 24-48 hours afterward and usually resolves within a few days. Brown spots and pigmentation will darken after treatment and peel off over the following 5-7 days. 

Use of a broad-spectrum SPF50 sunscreen is essential post treatment.