Owner & Registered Nurse

Rikki is a senior Cosmetic Registered Nurse and founder of Skin Forum. She has over 19 years experience within the Beauty and Cosmetic industry, having worked as a Skin therapist for many years before discovering her passion for cosmetic medicine. Rikkis high standard of care and natural ability as a cosmetic injectable specialist along with a passion for her work has been paramount to her success in the industry. Rikki is constantly refining and advancing her skills by attending international and national cosmetic conferences and has undertaken years of extensive training with industry leading Master injectors and leaders within the industry.


Clinic Manager

Meet Kylie, our beautiful clinic manager, bringing over 25 years of industry experience to our team, having previously worked at both a salon and corporate level for some of Australia’s biggest beauty clinics and more recently coaching salon business owners to achieve business excellence within their own companies. Kylies role within Skin Forum is to ensure the smooth operation of our clinic, overseeing clinical training, staff development, and nurturing our beautiful team. She possesses a deep passion for empowering the staff to achieve their professional and personal goals and to thrive in their roles at Skin Forum.


Operations Manager

Casey is Skin Forums very talented Operations Manager. As well as being intelligent, beautiful and kind, Casey also brings with her many years of team leadership experience and is a true asset to the Skin Forum team. Caseys role is to ensure efficient and effective operations within the company by implementing operational policies and procedures, improving systems and processes and best practices. Casey also provides support to our team and brings a caring and nurturing energy to her role within the team. We appreciate Casey so much.


Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse Amy began her Injecting career with Skin Forum 5 years ago after working as an ED Nurse for many years prior. Nurse Amy was trained under the guidance of our senior Cosmetic Registered Nurse Rikki as well as the support and training from some of Australias largest Cosmetic Injectable training companies and renowned International trainers. Amy has a passion for skin and facial anatomy and thrives on learning and expanding her knowledge of Cosmetic Injectables and anti ageing procedures. You can book with Nurse Amy at our Burleigh Heads location.


Registered Nurse

Sam is an Advanced level cosmetic Nurse Injector with over 12 years of Injecting experience behind her. Sam is committed to providing high quality cosmetic treatments to her patients, and utilises advanced techniques to ensure every patient leaves with the best result possible. Nurse Sam has a very comforting and personable bedside manor and a natural ability to make her clients feel completely at ease while having treatment. Sam is often complimented on her ability to listen to her patients concerns and achieve results that they are proud of. You can book with Nurse Sam at our Chirn Park location. 


Registered Nurse

Aprille is one of our lovely Advanced level Cosmetic Nurse Injectors. She has a deep passion for helping people to feel better and lead happier lives by helping clients to achieve their anti-aging goals with beautiful natural results. Aprille spent the early part of her career working as an ED Nurse before following her passion for Cosmetic Medicine. Aprille is acknowledged as an advanced level Cosmetic Nurse and is continually working to improve her skills and keep up to date with the latest injecting trends. Aprille is available to book at our Burleigh Heads location.


Registered Nurse

Meet our beautiful Registered Nurse Amber. Amber is an experienced Cosmetic Nurse who is highly skilled in facial assessment and the safe delivery of cosmetic injectable treatments. Amber holds a Bachelors degree of Nursing and has since acquired multiple certificates in the field of Cosmetic Nursing. Amber strives to achieve a natural and refreshed look for her patients and believes in subtle cosmetic rejuvenation to enhance an individual’s natural beauty. Amber is available to book at both our Burleigh Heads and Chirn Park clinic.


Registered Nurse

Meet Ashleigh! Ash began her employment at Skin Forum over 7 years ago when she began working as an Advanced Skin Therapist and clinic trainer before going on to complete her Bachelor of Nursing in 2023. Ash is currently undergoing an intensive Injectable training program under the guidance of our head nurse and clinic owner Rikki. We are so proud and excited to watch Ash grow in her new role as a Registered Nurse. Ash will soon be available to book at our Burleigh Heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Our beautiful Zoe is an Advanced Level Skin and Laser Therapist, having previously worked both internationally and nationally whilst advancing her skill set. Zoe has a strong focus on providing advanced skin treatment plans for her clients and enjoys utilising Skin Forums broad range of advanced technologies to achieve high level results for her clients. Zoe gets so much satisfaction in working long term with her clients and seeing their confidence grow as they complete their treatment plans. You can book with Zoe at our Burleigh heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Taniel is one of our highly skilled Advanced Skin and Laser Therapists, with over 16 years experience working in some of Australias top clinics. Taniel has advanced knowledge of skin physiology and function as well as cosmeceutical skin care, and gets huge satisfaction in helping clients feel and look their best. Taniels expertise in our industry has seen her grow an extremely large and loyal client base over the years she has been with Skin Forum. Taniel is available to book at our Burleigh Heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Kayla is one of our Advanced Skin and Laser Therapists at our Burleigh Heads clinic. After suffering with her own skin issues from a young age Kayla became very passionate about helping others overcome their skin challenges and feel confident within themselves. Kayla is an extremely knowledgeable and educated therapist, having graduated from her beauty academy at the top of her grade taking out the exclusive Valedictorian Award, Principals List of Excellence Award as well as the Top of Class Facials Award in a single year. Kayla is available to book at our Burleigh Heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Lara was one of Skin Forums very first employees, starting with Rikki 7 years ago. Lara took a few years off working to raise her two babies and has since returned with the same drive and passion she had years ago. Lara is an advanced level Skin Therapist, having completed both her Beauty Therapist training and an advanced diploma in Dermal Therapies at one of the Gold Coasts most renowned training academies. Lara has magic spa hands and ensures every treatment she performs has a touch of relaxation and pampering. Lara is available to book at our Chirn Park clinic.


Skin Therapist

Monique is one of our very talented Skin Therapists, with a passion for advanced skin treatments and advanced technologies. Mon loves to educate her clients while she works them through their treatment plans to improve their lives and self confidence. Monique has such a kind and caring demeanour and her clients truely love their time spent with her. Mon is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing to one day work as a Registered Nurse Injector. Monique is available to book at our Chirn Park clinic.


Skin Therapist

Lauren is one of our very talented Advanced Level Dermal and Laser Therapists, she delivers all of her clinical treatments with the utmost professionalism and care and provides a very relaxing and pampering environment within her treatment room. Lauren has the magic spa touch and leaves you wanting more long after your treatment has finished. Lauren is available to book at our Burleigh Heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Shannon is an Advanced level Dermal and Laser therapist with a passion for achieving advanced skin results for her clients. Prior to joining the Skin Forum team Shannon achieved recognition as the most outstanding Diploma student from her beauty academy and was honoured with the prestigious Valedictorian award as well as the Principals List of Excellence Award for her year. Shannon delivers a consistently high standard of care and professionalism in all aspects of her role and we are so proud to have her on our team. Shannon is available to book at our Burleigh Heads clinic.


Skin Therapist

Meet our beautiful Maddie. Maddie completed her Dual Diploma in 2016 and has been working within the industry as a Laser and Skin Therapist for the past 8 years. Maddie is extremely passionate about skin health and puts a big emphasis on treating the skin internally as well as externally to achieve overall skin health. Besides being an incredibly skilled therapist, Maddi is also such a kind and caring therapist with a beautiful presence in the treatment room. Maddie is available to book at our Burleigh Heads Clinic.


Skin Therapist

Introducing Kobi, a senior skin and laser therapist with a diploma in beauty therapy and comprehensive laser qualifications. Kobi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every treatment whilst also ensuring patient safety and comfort. Kobi takes pride in delivering exceptional results for her clients and gets satisfaction from empowering skin confidence. You can book with Kobi at our Chirn Park clinic.



Tahlia makes up part of our Burleigh Heads Administrative team at Skin Forum and ensures the smooth running of the clinic day to day! Tahlia worked alongside Nurse Rikki in a previous administrative role where she excelled in her administrative duties so it was a simple decision to welcome Tahlia to work as part of the Skin Forum team so many years ago! We love our Tahls and our Burleigh clinic just wouldn't be the same without her.



Meet Olivia! Liv has a very genuine and warm presence that makes you feel instantly welcomed on arrival to our Burleigh Heads clinic. Liv is currently studying journalism and hopes to one day combine her passion for journalism with her love for the beauty industry. Liv makes up part of our Burleigh Heads administrative team.



Steph is one of our lovely Burleigh Heads Administration staff. Steph has a strong background within the beauty and cosmetic industry working as a beauty and dermal therapist as well as a beauty and laser trainer at Gold Coasts most prestigious training academy. Say hi to Steph next time you visit our Burleigh Heads clinic! 



Meet Tayla, one of our lovely administrative assistants. Tayla works at both our Burleigh Heads and Chirn Park clinics ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Tayla is also a fully qualified laser and skin therapist, having previously worked as a technician for many years before taking some time off treating and stepping into front of house. Tayla is a little wealth of knowledge on the front desk, be sure to say hi to Tayla next time you visit our clinics.



Meet Alex, our wonderful administration assistant at our Chirn Park clinic. Alex’s role is to ensure the smooth running of the clinic diary whilst providing the highest level of care and communication for our clients, ensuring each clients journey is seamless. Alex also holds a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and brings many years of salon experience with her. Prior to starting with Skin Forum Alex owned and operated her very own skin clinic. Say hi to Alex next time you visit our Chirn Park clinic.



Meet Alisha, our divine and talented Marketing Manager. ⁠Alisha has been working with our company for almost a year now and we have kicked so many marketing goals in that time! Alisha is responsible for ensuring that our signature Skin Forum experience is consistent through every touchpoint of our brand.⁠