LED Healite II therapy is an extremely gentle and natural way to rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve hydration and stimulate collagen and elastin. LED Healite II Therapy is also very effective for reducing the recovery time from treatments such as skin needling, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and Cosmetic Injectables.

Depending on the wavelength (colour) of the LEDs used, different therapeutic results can be achieved. Healite II features the following wavelengths;

  • 830 NM with 590 NM Photo-sequencing - Used for wound healing, pain relief, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, temporary increase of blood circulation, hair regrowth, acne treatment, skin rejuvenation.
  • 415NM - Treatment for active acne.


During a 415nm LED Healite II treatment your therapist will fit you with specialised goggles and lay you underneath the LED Healite therapy device. 830nm does not require goggles. The treatment lasts approximately 13-20 minutes and is very relaxing however you may experience a bright sensation.

Treatment details

The course of treatments will depend on the individual skin concern. The effect of the treatment is cumulative and you will notice a greater improvement with each session. Generally 6-12 treatments are recommended.

You will notice improvements for up to six months after your therapy treatment.

LED Healite II Therapy is safe on all skin types (fair to darker skins) and is safe for use while breast feeding. We may treat breastfeeding clients with doctors clearance.

LED Therapy is not suitable for clients who are sensitive to light, have epilepsy, are using photo-sensitizing drugs or suffer from migraines brought on by light.

$99 LED Healite II Facial (830nm or 415nm)

$40 add-on LED Healite II to any dermal or cosmetic treatment (830nm)

$499 LED Healite II Facial Package - 6 pack

$59 LED Light Lounge - Single session

$499 LED Light Lounge - 10 sessions

$220 LED Light Lounge - 1 month Unlimited access

There is no specific regime following an LED Healite II therapy procedure. You may return to work immediately.